Gonna be alright!!


Gonna be alright!! の 歌詞


The summer season has been gone so fast
And "I" don't want the days to be back
I really don't know why I was ditched
and now tell me what's sooooo right

And I could not keep my eyes to those days
But there was precious thing by my side
So I say good-bye to knock on doors right now

I've wasted my time
No need to fake myself
And someday I should look for one reason
So don't worry It's gonna be alright
Just don't be afraid of your way

I never know so tell me who I am
And tell me where I'm going now?
No matter how bad I ask myself
I'll never find my answers again

When you are lost
It gets so easy
Just keep your eyes-on feet on the ground
Cuz not so much in your life is worth your time

If anybody feels like to cry out in some of nights
If anybody feels loneliness in some sleepless nights to be scared
I wanna circle and come back again
If facing my heart gets me strong
So I say good-bye to knock on doors right now

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