Years Later feat.VERBAL(m-flo)


Years Later feat.VERBAL(m-flo) の 歌詞


Yeah it's hard to get back up
after I've Fallen…after I've Fallen…
into this path
so addicted to applauses
addicted to the powers
all your daughters treat me like
I have treaded water
bought it, yes they bought into
the characters I spawned and
it's spreading like diseases leaking
skeletons from closets
tell your correspondents,
they faces green with vomit,
Call it what you want,
all this power is retarded
when they see that I have nodded,
certain names is getting blotted
certain ways is parted,
some have charted to the top,
some have rotted at the rock rock bottom
and they sign where it's dot dot dotted
and they not not knowing
that this all gon leave em out of soul
out of order…no soul…out of soul…
out of order…no soul…

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