Memento の 歌詞


Picked up a rolling stone
My eyes shining bright like a star
Running faster, faster as I can
To the place I hope for

I've learned to ride my bike
I've learn to do the tricks on high bar
It still remains in both of my arms
The scars I will never forget
I won't forget

All I ever want the answer to the world
All the strength I want hold you in my arms
All I ever want to just be myself
still regret that I should have trusted on you
I will believe on you

A world of contradiction
I've learn how to deal with the odds
But still I never will give in
Refusing all what I don't believe in
Never I will give up

I hope that I can build a bridge
To the whole world
Cause no one else is here but me
This is my legacy
For the future of you

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