Formula for happiness -English version-


Formula for happiness -English version- の 歌詞


What a nice breeze coming to me,and I breathing in so deeply to my heart
The things I can not get my mind off of,let it go and let's try to think no more
Living everyday it is not easy but that's ok,why don't we forget it all

Things you can't do anything about,the pain you have,and the sadness it is hard to hold on
Time will take care of the everything,it'll fade away and will be gone even you are hurt
So let's forget it all,at this place

Everybody does have at least one or two that can not never ever be forgiven
This is one thing and that's another thing so I'm not gonna say it is your life after all
In the end of all what you are holding on to might be hurting yourself

Sometimes have to deal with nonsense,disappointed so you maybe get upset or stressed out
Time will take care of the everything,so far away,it'll be gone even you shed tears

Someday sooner your heart,gonna be giving up,memory of sadness that you can not do anything
There's no rule to follow,be true to yourself to live yourself,goodbye

Feeling making you so frustrated,and the coldness covers tears with the feeling of anger
With eraser of the very smile,wipe it out for the future to be painted on

For tomorrow let's go leave behind,even hate,and the sadness and also the anger
Let's forget about it and then let this go this is the formula for happiness

Let's start to walk,don't stop to go back,going forward by leaving this feeling

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