Stand Up Now


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Stand up now
Stand up now

I am an Asian rapper
Yes I am Yellow color
Yeah we might be crazy about dollar
Some book say stereo type shit
Same all same all till we change it
Which is tough I know, but we all have proud of to be so yellow
You wanna laugh son? ok go ahead
Still keep on the top? I blow ya head
Asian can't rap? Asian can't jump?
When we made it they'd call yellow and Jap
I got a patient son
I learned to survive this life
I burned hateful inside
Devil and Angel in the two worlds
We have a choice to live in the both worlds
Fight for me and fight for you and all the mothafucks can't speak so true
Their rules we follow is wondering because they eat sushi and dumpling

Still Still Still Still
Still they don't know about us right
The world goes for Black & White
We are wondering why
we smiling too much
I believe war is never be forgiven
Their voice is givens

Stand up now
Stand up now

It's asian rap wit crazy acc
That sound lil' strange but it ain't maniac
"nah mean?"とやって真似んじゃな無く
「わたし」入りshit is dangerous
I ain't typical, you seen me flippin' 五十音
Braggin' my roots母音あいうえお
Know the ledge 最早so impressed
See who all major league and Hollywood
Makin' real green it's nine or ten figures
Makin' the dream come true, the big pictures
Used to pay dues just to get by
Everyday struggle touch the 世界
Reminder "What's original as a asian?"
Get yo ID made in Japan
なんとなくwanna beじゃ届かない
jus' be yourself, I play to win

Are you asking why I rappin?
I rap because it's one thing, true love of this music
You say its kids music but I don't care I don't care
I can't play any instrument I can't sing but I could tell about myself on the beat
on the street on the roof for my peep for my rule for Asian Nationality
Some wise guys say to me
If you living your life truly you must show your ID
Which means prove it to walk on by
Don't try if you have no style the style can't be never be somebody's
You can search from Japan to Hungary we keep representin' even you disagree

Stand up now
Stand up now

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