Too Much feat.Rain


Too Much feat.Rain の 歌詞


I know u want me
But I don't know if
I should let you in
Ooh can u handle me

Oh girl don't u think
Soon as u try me
You'll never ever let me go

Can u give me everything I need?
Can I trust u? Are you made to please a girl?
Have u ever had a real true man like me
Who had u lose your mind and then make u go all night, Girl

I like to rock baby
I like to move baby
Can u make me go crazy?
Is this too much for u boy?

Watch me just do my thing
Sit down let me begin
Get what u been missing
Might be too much for u girl

I want somebody
Who can make me be a lady!
Knows how to treat me
Who my mind and body

How much do you need?
How much should I give?
Can u take all of me?

Should I really make u lose control?
Can u give me more than I dreamed of?
Can I trust u? Can u make feel so good?
Have u ever had a night that never ends?
Gonna give u a chance
Receive it with two hands. Girl

Can u handle this?
Yeah baby girl
Is this what u miss?
Yeah that's what I miss
Are u good for me?
I'm what u need
Should we start then?
Baby just say when

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