By my side


By my side の 歌詞


Fly over by my side
Right now

I'm looking at my life
I want to change my self to hear you more
So I can stay
How to make our life better
Think Can you try?

I'm talking about what we're supposed to do
How to make our life anew complete
You can live your life with no hopes
This song I've heard before

Tell me more
What's going through
What this song is saying
"Everything is ready for you
Come on, Just knock on your door"
On the road
Just going through in this sunny day
Anything is open to you
Go grab it now

I'm living in the fancy house I dreamt
Never have to worry about the bills
This could be the dream life
Don't stop what you're trying
If you wanna leave me I'll be dead
If you wanna need me I'll be there
Looking out my window
You are not there

Wake me up
Tonight's the miracle
Gotta be incredible!
Sledding through the radio
Wow wow
Call me up
Tonight's our miracle
Gonna be available
Touching to the melody
Wow wow
Pick me up
Tonight's a miracle
Got to be your vehicle
Racing through our memories
Wow wow
Hurry up
Tonight's so powerful
Got to be physical
Just can't be miserable
Loving you more

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