Lie To Me


Lie To Me の 歌詞


I knew this girl named Detroit Cool,
that moved up in my block
At 6 foot 2 and knee socks high
and class of 80 rocks
She's got hips that sway for you
She's got legs that never really stop
She asked me
"If my momma dressed me and I do like I should"
From east delroy to 51st,
I run this neighborhood
She just smiles and says to me
"I just wanna know if we're all good"

Tell me once again why would you lie to me
She said "do me like you should
why won't you try for me"
It all dependes on you and where would you rather be
'Cause I got everything you want so take me back to
Your expensive restaurant

You can't trust me,
we won't make it
Let me put you in the mood
She said "no, no
I been there before, you got that attitude"
You sold me out before all this
and now I'm fabulous without you


Why did it take so long, it's all gone wrong and I can
Say…that I've got everything you need


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